Energy Bills Are Rocketing

Oil and gas is limited and the demand is high, with this energy prices are continuing to grow at an alarming rate. Already, they have risen by 150% since 2006.

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Solar Is The Cheapest It Has Ever Been

The prices have fallen by 70% since 2010. Making solar systems more affordable to a wider range of homeowners.

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Tax Free Income

Solar PV is the only home improvement that gives you a return, you can sell any excess energy back to your energy provider and it is tax free.

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Huge Technology Advancements

Such as SolarEdge, Systovi, Battery Storage systems etc. have lead to solar systems producing the maximum amount of energy.

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Add Value To Your Property

By installing a solar PV system into your home you automatically boost your EPC rating which could add up to 15% value to your property.

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A Way To Combat Climate Change

Renewable energy is a way of generating clean, green, sustainable energy and by doing so protecting the earth.

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How it Works?

  • In the most simple terms, Solar Panels work by absorbing the sun’s light using photovoltaic cells and converting it to DC energy.
  • Then the solar system converts the DC energy from the solar modules to AC electricity.
  • Electricity that has been produced can then power electronic appliances in the home.
  • Any energy that hasn’t been used can be sold back to the grid or stored in the battery storage system for free energy use in the evenings.

Monitor your Solar PV Production on the App…

  • The after care team at Trade Solar Direct will regularly monitor your systems production from behind the scenes.
  • For your enjoyment and peace at mind you can monitor your Solar PV production from the LuxPower app.
  • This can be installed on any of the following: smartphones, tablets, ipads etc.

FREE Energy Surveys…

Our team is currently offering free energy assessments for homeowners. Which includes demonstrating which solar system would be most beneficial for yourself as well as leaving a no obligation quote and information.