Climate change is being caused by a variety of factors but the main one being the burning of fossil fuels and the process occurring on such a large scale. The emissions created by the process are harmful and released into the atmosphere whereby they will add to they layer of greenhouse gases. As a result of this the earth will warm which is the cause of all the devastating effects brought by Climate Change.

The effects of climate change are devastating and life threatening, and are happening now. Forest fires are affecting various parts of the earth some much more severe than others, evidently the whole of Australia is facing a large crisis. Flood threats for the UK and other areas across the globe, some areas even expected to be fully submerged by the end of the century. Tropical cyclones are also a massive problem that we are facing as a consequence of climate change and there are many more problems such as drought etc.

Renewable energy is a solution to the global crisis that we are currently facing, as it provides a greener, cleaner alternative to producing the global source of electricity. Solar energy in particular is a great way for an individual to reduce their carbon footprint and save large amounts of money by generating their own free electricity.