Climate Change Causes Uncontrollable, Life-Threatening Wildfires Across Australia

Uncontrollable forest fires in Australia are rapidly destroying communities and wildlife, leaving residents with nowhere to escape too. Large parts of Australia are suffering from this disastrous effect caused by Climate Change. Climate change which has been caused by us humans due to the burning of large quantities of fossil fuels. Australia has been suffering from the effects of climate change for a while (drought), but only now has it been so much more life threatening and urgent. In fact, Penrith in Sydney has reached the crucial temperature of 48.9c recorded on 06/01/20 and it has been estimated that it will stay at this rate in the 50c range. The skies are a bright orange colour and the atmosphere thick with dark smoke.

Inadequate help and support from the government, to the residents who are desperate and require urgent care. Funding has been kindly asked for to help offer solutions in this time of crisis. Large amounts of wildlife have already been killed such as kangaroos and koalas etc. Residents evacuated from their homes, one frightened young girl took to Instagram to share her experience in attempt to get some help and funding.

“WHERE I’M AT: The south coast of NSW is currently in a state of emergency, fires grew over night and went into the morning, we are currently trapped with no major highways open. We’ve been told it’s too late to leave, our neighbours saying they will stay and fight. I cannot even begin to explain how they will stay and fight. I cannot even begin to explain how things are rn, my hands are shaking as I write this. Embers flew into a house down the road and they both burnt down. We have evacuated, communities are gathering on the beach, if the fire gets too close, we will go into the water with life jackets. I’m with my family and I’ve gone into town to find reception to post this…”

Many other celebrities have contributed funds in attempt to find a solution to the disastrous event and keep the residents safe. Pink even pledged to donate $500,000 meanwhile Nicole Kidman and Keith Urban pledged to also donate $500,000 to the rural fire service. Many other celebrities have joined in donating and spreading awareness.

Climate change is a result of the burning of fossil fuels, it releases harmful gases such as carbon dioxide which add to the layer of greenhouse gases. This then results in the warming of the earth known as global warming. Global warming has very devastating effects such as melting of the ice sheets killing polar bears and other extraordinary animals. Sea levels continue to rise which results in flooding, damaging many homes, in fact it has been estimated that in a few centuries time we will all be living on floating cities. Other effects of global warming include drought which results in dehydrated animals, possibly death and unsatisfactory conditions for crops to grow. Many countries in hot climates rely on animals and crops as their main source of income this can become a large problem. Finally, extreme weather events such as tropical cyclones and others can be a result of global warming.

Fortunately, there is something that we can do to resolve the issues that we have caused for our planet. This includes, using renewable energy sources which are very beneficial to the environment and the homeowner. Solar energy in particular is a sustainable source of energy, there will always be daylight to produce where as fossil fuels will run out. Solar systems are much more cost effective at present and save large chunks from energy bills, protecting families from the extortionate rise in energy prices. The system has very low noise levels and requires very minimal or no maintenance at all. To see if your residential or commercial property would be eligible for some solar incentives, go to the ‘contact us’ page.