Aren’t Solar Panels Very Expensive?

The prices of incentives regarding solar energy have drastically dropped and in fact and the cheapest they have ever been. Since 2010 the prices have decreased by 70% due to advancements in the solar industry making them for accesible to a larger range of people.

Will I be able to Move House Once I Have Solar Panels Installed?

Yes, you may be thinking of the rent-a-roof scheme which we don’t do. The panels would belong to yourself as well as your roof so it is entirely up tp yourself if you decide to move house. Solar energy actually adds an average of 15% value to your property.

What if They Damage my Roof?

Our installers are very expereienced and talented so this would be rare. However, if any damage was to occur our company actually has £10 million liability insurance.

Is it Worth the Money?

The payback for Solar Panels is usually 4-6 years, rather than 20+ years what it use to be. You can reduce your bill by 80% and earn a tax free income on energy that you sell back to the grid. Solar energy is tailored to the individuals home and there energy use get a free energy assessment today.

Why is it so Important Now?

We can’t avoid the rate that energy bills are rising on average 12.5% each year and thats without the impact that Brexit will have on our energy bills. The pledge to reduce carbon emissions is a very important factor and we need to change the way we generate energy today this would be by using more renewable energy. Solar panels are 70% cheaper than they were in 2010 due to huge advancements in the solar industry.

How Much do They Cost?

It would be difficult to quote someone for their system as it is tailor made for the individuals home and they way they use there energy. We are actually doing free energy assessments today with no obligation quotes.

Is it True That They Work in a Power Cut?

It would be difficult to quote someone for their system as it is tailor made for the individuals home and they way they use there energy. We are actually doing free energy assessments today with no obligation quotes.

How Long do Solar Panels Last?

Many companies provide warranty for 20-25 years although when looked after properly it can be expected that the system will work for about 35 years. Certain parts can also be replaced to increase the life span.

What Happens if it is not Sunny?

Fortunately for ourselves the sun comes up everyday so solar energy will always be an option whereas oil is limited. It doesn’t need to be sunny to generate electricity however the sunnier that it is the more electricity will be generated, panels now generate electricity from ambient daylight rather that only natural sunlight. If not enough energy is produced for your needs then energy is drawn from the grid in the usual way.

Do I Need a South-Facing Roof?

No, although you would produce the maximum amount of energy if your roof did face this way you do not need a south-facing roof to be eligible for solar panels. East – West roofs typically generate over 80% of an equivalent South facing roof.

Why is Solar Energy Beneficial to the Environment?

Solar energy is a renewable energy source which means there is no harmful gases released into the atmosphere that will contribute to climate change. No noise pollution as there is no need for noisy gas powered generated. Harmful gases that are produced throughout the burning of fossil fuels such as carbon monoxide ans sulphor dioxide can cause health problems such as respiratory problems and various others.

How do Solar Panels Work?

The panels are made up of small solar cells, which absorb sunlight and turn it into DC electricity which is then turned into AC by an inverter, then fed into your power grid.

What Size Solar Energy System Should I Get?

It really depends on how much energy that you use each month, if you use a lot of energy it would make sense to get a larger system.
Although there is specialist site surveyors who can explain everything to you and can help dictate which system would be most beneficial for you and your home.

Do Solar Panels Require Maintenance?

Solar panels require very little maintenance or none at all which is one of the main benefits. To increase the production of energy it is possible to clean your panels (from the ground) this is usually once or twice a year. However, it isn’t completely neccesary as the panels we have are in fact self cleaning. Snow may need to be removed, but this won’t always be the case as they are on a slant so should slide off naturally.

Would My Roof Be Suitable/Big Enough?

Due to advancements in technology less panels are required to generate a certain amount of energy than they would perhaps a decade ago. Also SHARP energy solutions who provide our solar panels have actually designed their panels specifically for smaller roofs and homes with roof restrictions such as dormer/ Velux windows.

Do I Need to be a Homeowner?

If your landlord approved of solar panels then it would be possible to get solar panels on the property. The landlord would have to be present.

Do I Need Planning Permission?

In England, Scotland and Wales planning permission for most of the domestic solar panel installations is not required. However, if you were to live in a conservation area or a listed buliding you may need planning permission but there is no need to worry this is something that we look into and arrange for yourself.