The performance of the solar systems is much more superior as the quality of the products improve, which is a result of research and development in the solar market.

The solar industry is one of the largest improving sectors at present and has been for perhaps the past decade or so.

Due to the rapid improvements in solar systems such as the panels themselves and the inverters, they are able to generate a lot more energy than they did a decade ago. Photovoltaic cells are able to produce energy from ambient daylight rather than natural sunlight now much better, which is very advantageous in the UK weather. This means that electricity can be generated all year round even on the cloudiest days.

BPS (Battery Pack Systems) revolutionised the solar market as it allows homeowners to use FREE electricity in the evenings as well as during the day. This was huge as the majority of energy use would be used in the evenings, this is especially the case for the working class.

Another invention that has revolutionised the solar industry is SolarEdge which provides an advanced inverter solution which changes the way energy is harvested and managed in solar PV systems. It works by eliminating power loss through factors such as shading, snow, dirt and leaves etc. which helps make the most from the solar system resulting in saving money and being much more efficient.