Solar energy is now not only very beneficial for the environment, now they are also a smart economic decision

The future is renewable energy it is more efficient, intelligent, sustainable and now a cheaper alternative to fossil fuels. Solar energy is very popular at present, this is evident as the installs for both residential and commercial properties increase.

The rate that energy bills are increasing are shocking, as a result many families in the UK are facing fuel poverty. Renewable energy is a solution.

Due to research and development in the ‘Green Infrastructure Projects’, renewable energy is now cheaper than buying energy generated through the burning of fossil fuels, making it not only an environmentally smart decision but a smart economic decision also.

Since 2010, the UK has invested more than £52 billion into renewable energy and as a result the prices of products/systems have fallen by 70%

2020 is a very important year in the renewable energy sector, this year the government must put all their pledges and policies made into practice quick in order to become net-zero by 2050.

This included installing solar energy onto a large quantity of residential and commercial properties, swapping petrol and diesel cars for electric, planting trees and many other methods to remove the carbon from the atmosphere.

The investment and effort put into the renewable energy sector shows the utmost importance and urgency that is required to save our planet. Climate change is a global crisis.

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