Why Is It Vital to Use Renewable Energy to Reach Climate Targets?

Unfortunately, the world is not on track to meet the international climate goals that were established under the Paris Agreement. This means that devastating effects of climate change are only going intensify and continue to sabotage our planet and our health.

Climate change is occurring right in front of us and it is beginning to happen closer to home yet many people continue to ignore the earths destruction and pursue to pollute it. Very recently, there was 53 flood warnings in Britain and large parts of it were flooded, remaining in that state for many days. Homes, cars and large numbers of valuable items were destroyed and rescue operations were in place. Sea levels are rising at alarming rates and in years to come we could remain under water. In fact, the Arctic is warming twice as fast as the rest of the earth, with this melting permafrost releases greenhouse gases into the atmosphere further contributing to the problem that we are facing, creating a vicious cycle.

Similarly, other areas in the world are facing huge climate change crisis’ such as California, USA. Wildfires caused by global warming are spreading vastly and uncontrollably destroying homes and even causing death to the residents. Another very famous location in danger of destruction by climate change is the Maldives which is estimated to be fully submerged in less than 30 years, this again due to the rising sea levels.

Fossil fuels are responsible for a significant amount of land, water and air pollution due to their CO2 production. Also, the burning of coal for energy produces many different types of particulate matter that pollute the air. The harmful gases that are released into the atmosphere create the layer of greenhouse gases that results in the warming of our earth. The gases also harm human’s health directly as they lead to respiratory problems such as asthma, cancer, cardiovascular diseases, and more. The way that we chose to generate our energy is more harmful than some realise, many times even resulting in death.

Renewable energy is a solution to all of these problems as it is clean, green and sustainable. One thing we can guarantee is they will always be daylight therefore we can always generate electricity by using solar energy. Renewable energy is very beneficial as it reduces air pollution which improves the public’s health and there is no noise pollution so it can be used in any residential area. The majority if not all forms of renewable energy require very little maintenance or none at all. Fuel from natural and available resources reduces the cost of the operation and they do not require transport which means it is both cost and time efficient. By using more renewable energy the demand for natural gas and coal will decrease which would lower the prices that energy providers charge. Also, by being heavily reliant on renewable energy this can help protect consumers when fossil fuel prices rocket.

Therefore, this all proves why it is vital to use renewable energy in order to reach the climate targets, the effects caused by generating electricity by burning fossil fuels prove devastating. Hence why there is no time like the present to make a change in the way that we live our lives and generate electricity. Climate goals are in place to be met and it is urgent.

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