Why is Solar Energy so Important?

The Solar Energy market has taken the industry by storm and continues to become more and more popular, but why is it so important that we all move forward with solar energy?

Climate Change

We are all facing a climate crisis, the ‘mega fires’ in Australia are occurring right now on a very large scale. The conditions which climate change creates in Australia being hot and dry are perfect for bush fires to spread uncontrollably. Wildlife, eco-systems and humans all affected by this devastating effect of global warming. Over 100 fires are burning at the moment in New South Wales alone resulting in many people being evacuated. The problem is main high ways are closed preventing evacuation and supplies getting into the towns/cities. Australians are trapped and desperate and this is one of the effects of global warming hence why we need to act now.

The Paris Agreement

The central aim of The Paris Agreement is to strengthen the global response to the threat of climate change by keeping the global temperature rise this century well below 2° C. In order to do this, we need to stop burning fossil fuels as a means to produce energy, instead there is renewable energy alternatives which offer much greater benefits to the residents and are sustainable. It has been acknowledged that large scale, urgent action is required from the UK in order to be on record with The Paris Agreement.

Energy Bills Rising

Everyone is aware about the rising of energy bills and it is a result of Ofgem allowing suppliers to charge more to cover the higher wholesale costs they face. The higher global price of oil is rising due to the very high demand of energy and fossil fuels being a limited source of energy. On average, energy prices are rising at a rate of 10% each year, which is alarming to almost everyone. As a result of the rising energy prices a very large proportion of the UK are facing fuel poverty. 2.55 million households in England (2016) were reported to be facing fuel poverty and this number has increased since then. This has been worked out using a low income/high cost indicator which works out if someone is suffering with fuel poverty when their income is below poverty line and their energy costs are higher than is typical for their household type. Another factor contributing to the rise of energy bills will be when we crash out of the EU most probably with a no Brexit deal on the 31/01/2020.

Large Research and Development into Solar Energy

Due to a lot of investment into the solar energy industry it has came on leaps and bounds. Product quality and performance is exceptional which is why so many households in the UK have now got a solar system installed. Inventions and improvement of products have led to solar systems being more accessible and useful to a larger range of homeowners. Some of these include, the introduction of the Battery Pack System, Solar Edge and the panels becoming much more efficient. As a result of all the research and development that has gone into the solar industry it has resulted in the systems becoming much cheaper. For example, the price of solar products has fallen by 70% since 2010 making it the cheapest it has ever been.

Benefits of Solar Energy

  • Sustainable, green source of energy. Much better impact on the environment which is vital as we face this climate crisis.
  • Large reduction on energy bills. Save up to 80% on current bills, a brilliant solution to the fuel poverty problem we are facing in the UK.
  • A very smart economic decision, choose a one of payment and protect yourself from the rising energy bills. In fact, prices of solar systems have fallen by 70% since 2010.
  • Make a tax-free income on any surplus energy produced by your solar system. In fact, solar energy is the only home investment that offers a return.
  • As solar has become so popular in the recent years it has given properties much more appeal. People now see properties with solar systems installed as a huge added bonus. Who doesn’t want FREE electricity?
  • Add value to your home. Installing solar to your property boosts the homes EPC (Energy Performance Certificate) by on average to grades. As a result, adds up to 10/15% value onto the property.
  • Systems require very little maintenance, so residents can sit back and relax while watching how much electricity their system is producing on the app.
  • Due to large scale investment into research and development into the solar industry the systems are extraordinary.

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